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lawmakers to enact new gun laws? facebook.com/carolcnn or tweet me @carolcnn. >>> in missouri, charges expected to be filed today against a man who interrupted kansas city mayor sly james during a speech on tuesday. >> million dollars in investment -- >> this man has just got through talking about exactly [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> that's not okay. affiliate kctv reports the mayor's body guards wrestled the man backstage. mayor james, a former marine, he was not hurt. he called the incident unfortunate. >>> to michigan now where police got quite a shock during a patrol stop. it happened yesterday in c kalama kalamazoo. officers stopped to talk to a man sitting in a parked car. he said he just hit a deer and then picked it up to take it home for food. but when he popped the trunk, the deer hopped out. i guess they'll be calling for takeout now. >> now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. the question for you this morning, will the newtown death photos force lawmakers to enact new gun laws? gun control democrats are a frustrated bunch. despite polls sh
their news is not worthy as well. >> you worked in law enforcement before starting this foundation. what obstacles did you face when investigating cases involving missing african-americans? >> we have had numerous cases come to our attention where law enforcement didn't take the place report, so that raises a huge challenge for us in helping these families with the news media coverage and the decision makers tell us our stories are not news worthy and we continue to pound the pavement and create partnerships with media, partnerships with law enforcement to help these families because at the end of the day it is not just the sole responsibility of law enforcement, it is law enforcement, the community, the media. >> i know we're talking people here. let's talk numbers here. how many people go missing in the united states every year and how many of them are african-americans? >> last year alone over 600,000 people were reported missing in the united states and 40% much those reported missing were persons of color. >> the media cove little ra, do they balance out with that? >> absolutely not
with adjudications of delinquency in juvenile law, it is similar to a finding of guilty in the adult court. >> reporter: fredricka, the judge made the final call. this was not a jury trial. because it was a juvenile case it was the judge that rendered this decision after it was made, the two convicted rapists were taken out of the courthouse here and they went immediately in to detention in a juvenile detention facility. >> the defendants did address the court and the victim's family, seemingly very apologet apologetic, very remorseful. did that in any way play a role in the type of sentencing that they received? >> reporter: no one will know for sure because the judge did give them a chance to stand up and address the court, which they did bef handed down his sentence. no one will know whether that changed his mind or not. he could have given them a longer sentence than he did but i want our viewers to get a moment to listen to these two boys as they apologized to the victim's family. >> i would like to apologize to you people. i had no intentions to do anything like that. i'm sorry to pu
plans to sign three new gun control laws tomorrow. here is a look at 13469 nsome o new legislation. keep in mind colorado home to two of the deadliest mass shootings in u.s. history. last year's aurora theater shooting and the massacre at columbine high school. >>> this is a crazy story. 13 pieces of art, $500 million, poof, gone in 81 seconds. you have these two men dressed as police, they target this boston museum here. get away with one of the biggest thefts in history. this is a crime that's gone unsolved 23 years. the fbi is revealing new information. we'll talk to the museum's security director next. >>> we're taking you back 23 years. yesterday one of the biggest art heights in american history this boston, 81 minutes, that's all it took, 13 masterpieces, stolen. take a listen. >> the thieves entered the first floor and went to the blue room and stole a monet painting. and then up to the second floor in the dutch room, they stole six paintings. some of them cut out of the frames. among them, three rembrandts, including the artist's only sea scape. >> yesterday the fbi tells us the
maintains that marriage is between a man and a woman 17 years ago, he signed that into law. he now opposes the defense of marriage act and thinks that gays should be allowed to get married just as any other american should be allowed to get married. so there's a generational gap, if you will. and i think that politically speaking, a lot of republicans are beginning to say to themselves, you know what, since their stance opposing gay marriage is not necessarily popular with younger americans, they've got to see the handwriting on the wall, if you will. but it's significant, very significant with senator portman. he does this on the eve of the oral arguments that will be made before the u.s. supreme court on the defense of marriage act on gay marriage. that we expect a decision by the nine justices before the end of june. look, these justices, while they try to just look at the law, they're also impacted by public opinion, i think it's fair to say. so his decision to express the support for gay marriage i think is significant. >> and we're within two weeks of those oral arguments, too. wolf,
of the dorm rooms. the orange county bomb squad and fbi have been out here working with local law enforcement all morning long. campus officials say there's no threat to the campus community at this time but a spokesman describes this as a very sketchy situation. listen to what he says police found when they arrived at the dorm earlier this morning. >> a call came in about a fire alarm in tower one. on the way to respond to that, a 911 call in about an armed man in the tower. when police responded to the dorm room they found a victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. we interviewed people who had knowledge of the situation and during the search of the dorm room we found an assault weapon and emprovized explosive devices. >> reporter: a resident of the dorm found that handgun and assault rifle and we heard explosives were found in a bag. we also know the orange county medical examiner and the coroner just arrived on scene to remove that body. it is going to be quite some time before they allow students back into that tower one dorm. when they were evacuated very early this morning, they were
who are not familiar with you a jid cases of delinquency in juvenile law, it is similar to finding of guilty in the adult court. >> reporter: guilty on all counts. that hand down. the two defendants in this case now the two convicted rapists broke down in court when they heard the verdict come down. trent mayes crying, malik richmond just collapsing into the arms of his attorney sitting next to him and sobbing over and over again. i want you to listen to the two boys as they later stood up and apologized to the victim's family. >> i would like to apologize to you people. i had no intentions to do something like to. i'm sorry to put guys through this. i'd just like -- i would just like to apologize to my family and the families in the community. those pictures shouldn't have been sent around, let alone even taken. i just apologize. >> reporter: regret and remorse but the victim's attorney told me it came far too late in this case after the verdict was handed out, fredricka. >> and how did the victim's family react specifically? what words were spoken? >> reporter: so the victim hers
is that? >> there is an aggravating factor alleged in the case. you have to do it by law if you are seeking death in a case. the aggravating factor in the case is cruelty. it occurred in a particularly cruel manner and cruelty is defined as physical and mental anguish. that it was a drawn out death that he knew he was going to die. it's probably fair to argue based on the evidence in this case. there was a hearing a long time ago about this. and the order of the fayle tall wounds was reversed from what we heard. a judge determined it was cruel, but thinking the shot in the head was cruel but the defense said that's not the way the testimony came in at trial. we believe it was false testimony that the aggravating factor is based on that got us to the trial level. and this is not a death penalty case because it was not physical or mental anguish. that she intended to shoot him first. >> ago her story is based on on shot him i don't remember anything else. i don't remember all that stabbing that i must have -- her whole story goes out the window if what he says is right. >> that's
laws are involved. we'll have to wait to see what the attorney general is looking at. >> thank you, paul. >>> more now on that daring prison escape in canada. police have three people in custody including one of the escapees and reportedly they have the other one cornered. let's bring in paul dagla, live in montreal. what is the latest on the standoff right now? >> as you mentioned, to know, police at this hour telling us that second escapee that from prison has been cornered or they have him surrounded. they are negotiating with him. they have three men, three people in custody, the other escapee and two others who apparently worked with these escapees to get them out. >> how could something like this happen, escaping from a helicopter, inside a prison? >> reporter: it sound like something from a movie really and has many people here in canada, in quebec baffled. what apparently happened one, perhaps two accomplices got a helicopter pilot, somehow forced him to fly over this prison fairly low, apparently. someone was able to drop down a ladder, a rope, and those two inmates were a
. and that's fine, but they can't, under ohio law, threaten to kill someone. and we had to take action. >> it even goes further than that. it's just so dreadfully obvious, to most people who are watching right now, that you just don't do this. you just can't do this. it's morally wrong, it's reprehensible, it's illegal. and we thought we had a teaching moment yesterday when we saw the process. we watched it all unravel throughout the last two days. is this really the state of the union among kids today, or is this an aberration, what these two girls allegedly have done? >> well, you know, my wife and i have eight children. we have now 19 grandchildren. i don't know that this is the, you know, certainly, it's not where every young person is today. we know better than that. but i do think, and what i said sunday is, if we think this is a steubenville, ohio, problem, we're wrong. rapes like this, very similar to this, that arose out of a social setting, occur every friday night, saturday night, and other days of the week, not just in steubenville, but across this country. and we do have t
unwanted guns off the streets. critics say it's punishes law abiding gun owners. our question, will raising taxes on gun sales target the wrong people? maria? >> i don't know if this particular legislation will work, carol, but what i like, they are putting everything on the table in terms of trying to solve the issue of gun violence in this country, which is critical. should we focus on this? i don't think raising taxes will keep anybody that wants a gun from buying a gun. we should focus on other things also that have more bipartisan support, like the background checks and focusing on real solutions. i like this continues to be part of the debate. we need to continue to put everything on the table. >> ron. >> the real point of this, we have over a decade of silence about gun issues after al gore was defeated this is a very polarizing idea. i can see some blue states advancing it. very difficult beyond that. >> buzzer beater, 20 seconds on the clock. outrage, indignation, unrest, all because of this. the cool ranch doritos tacos locos, a much anticipated sequel to a menu favorite. customer
. let's listen a little. >> -- no one person gets to decide the law. no one person gets to decide your guilt or innocence. my question -- my question to the president was about more than just killing americans on american soil. my question was about whether presidential power has limits. lincoln put it well when he wrote "nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man, give him power." president obama who seemed once upon a time to respect civil liberties has become the president who signed a law allowing for indefinite detention of an american citizen. indeed a law that allows an american citizen to be sent to guantanamo bay without a trial. now, president obama defends his signing of this bill by stating that he has no intention of detaining an american citizen without a trial. likewise he defended possible drone strikes on americans by indicating that he had no intention of doing so. well, my 13-hour filibuster was a message to the president, good intentions are not enough. [ applause ] the presidential oath of office states "i will protect, preserve and defend th
in juvenile law, it's similar to finding of guilty in the adult court. >> reporter: all families, families of both co-defendants, the family of the victim in court, present for this ruling. and the two teenage boys who are now convicted rapists broke down when that verdict was read, and then later, before they were sentenced, they got up to apologize to the victim's family. >> and poppy, we understand the mom of the victim also had something to say in court? >> reporter: the mom spoke after court got out, don. this is very significant. this is the first time that we have publicly heard from the victim's mother. she gave an audio statement. and i want to let our viewers listen to that audio statement in full. here it is. >> it did not matter what school you went to, what city you lived in or what sports you've played. human compassion is not taught by a teacher, a coach or a parent. it is a god-given gift instilled in all of us. you displayed not only a lack of discompassion, but a lack of moral code. your decision that night affected countless lives including those dear to you. you were yo
versus an adult proceeding? >> well, under ohio law, whether it's trialed in juvenile court or adult court, it's all regulated by statute. what the ohio statute says if you're an individual who commits a felony between the ages of 14 and 18 years old, a judge can determine in certain instances whether to determine you as a chi an adult or juvenile. one of those is whether a firearm was used in the commission of the crime. what the children's records were prior to that, and obviously, there was not a firearm used in this, probably played into the judge's determination to try them in juvenile court. neither one of them had any prior trouble, and he did use that as a factor as he was trying to weigh what is next for these young men. thank you so much, paul and rachel, good to see both of you. >> thank you. good to see you both. >> and a prayer in vatican city. the pope hits the streets. he is already being called a man of the people. >> and a reminder to watch cnn's new show, the lead, with jake tapper. tomorrow afternoon, 4:00 eastern time. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your dig
notion that the bad guys, who ignore the laws, that all of a sudden they're going to follow some new laws. it's not about the bad guys. no. it's all about the lead. it's like that chunk of metal did the crime. that's like saying that fork made me fat. and background checks, yeah, i guess to learn more about a person's thinking and associations and intentions? more background checks? dandy idea, mr. president. should have started with yours. [ applause ] well, it is great to be back at cpac. i'm so happy to be here. it feels like it's coming home even though it is only my second time here. but kind of hoping i can get the hang of it. i can spot those liberal media folk here to right their annual conservatives in crisis story. how many of you guys are here? raise your hands! come on! raise your hands. be proud. you're loud. we're used to it. certainly you're not ashamed to raise it high. don't worry. we would never dream of making you wait outside on the party bus. it is an honor to be here. we can come together, folks, for an adult conversation about the future of our country, and heaven k
is that he was party to the heller case. he is familiar with the law. i don't think he's using his senate seat uttering falsities about what the constitution says. he was making a case for the second amendment. i think what we're upset about is the tone and tenor he took with dianne feinstein, which is a fair point. >> jamaal, he's already on the winning side. this assault weapons ban will probably not get passed and people are wondering what his point is. >> yeah, his point, i think, as margaret was referring to, his point is to appeal to the tea party base. i sat with dianne feinstein. i heard her tell the story firsthand about being in the city hall as deficits go when the shootings that occurred that led to her taking the mayor's office. i think she does not need anybody like ted cruz telling her what to do. this issue around gun violence, i think we have to recognize it is different for people who come from rural areas versus people who come from urban areas. i saw first gun when i was in middle school, a kid who held it, you know, during a robbery. i think that people who live in ci
the toughest laws in the country. look at the crime and how it's gone down. and some of the people are saying on the side of stopping this practice, hey, which one is it here. or is it other factories that have nothing to do with stopping people. what they're also saying is you're replacing one crime with another crime. because for go to somebody that's innocent of a crime, a high school student on his way to school, and frisk them and search them, it has a terrible impact in and of itself is a kind of crime. >> this not only would have ram if i indications for new york city, but other cities. i know a number of other cities are considering it, as well.cit. i know a number of other cities are considering it, as well. would this ruling have ramifications throughout? >> it will. and the reason is the only time the courts look at the degree that police go too far is when there's a prosecution for a crime. in other words, john doe is charged with a crime and he's searched and his lawyers say it was illegal and it's reviewed by the courts. here the courts will look at cases where nobody is prosecu
be registered overseas and when it's in international waters, the laws are murky. there are guidelines in place about safety but schumer doesn't think that's enough. we've been here before with the airlines. who can forget jetblue's plane stuck on the tarmac in 2007. there was a passenger bill of rights that passed limiting how much time you can stuck on a plane. it took three years to get that legislation going. the bottom line is the cruise industry may be tougher to regulate and get that passenger bill of rights for the cruise industry. carol? >> we would like to end our first block of news this hour with david hasselhoff. the television actor and singer and now fighter for the berlin wall. hasselhoff was in germany joining other protesters in support of saving one of the last remaining sections of the berlin wall. he has rock star status in germany and as only hasselhoff can he used song to pump up the crowd. >> more people down there. hello. ♪ i've been looking for freedom ♪ ♪ i've been looking so long ♪ i've been looking for freedom ♪ >> you stop that dancing. developers reporte
accept? under the laws of the catholic church, from the moment he says i accept, he professes what the law describes as full supreme and universal authority. in other words, he's the pope from that moment forward. >> that's when they begin the process of burning the ballots. >> that's right. after he accepts, he gives the cardinal his name, then the doors to the sistine chapel will be opened or have been opened by this stage, those helpers waiting outside the chapel will then be brought in, some help the pope get vested. others burn the ballots and produce the white smoke that brings this incredible dramatic news to the world. >> haven't had a fifth ballot pope in over 100 years, since they started this. >> and we got one tonight. >> stay tuned for the next 45 minute too minutes to an hour, because within that time frame we'll see for first time who that pope is, what his name is, and both his old name and the name he takes on as pope. and i can tell you right now, the tens of thousands of people in that square, many of them are calling up their friends and their family. soon there
gigantic portions of food protected in mississippi. the anti-bloomberg law was signed on monday. it forbids counties and towns from passing restrictions on food and drink. only mississippi's state the law stems from outrage over new york city mayor michael bloomberg's attempt to ban big sugary drinks. >>> a secret document from osama bin laden's compound reveals a strategy to hit targets in europe and the u.s. al qaeda considered attacking underwater pipelines, bridges and dams along with love parades. a senior al qaeda planner wrote the letter to bin laden in 2010. he suggested recruits get jobs with companies transporting gasoline and wait to strike. >>> a camera set up to watch over a seal colony on the san diego beach has captured something unthinkable. two young women seen here kicking, punching and even sitting on top of mother seals and their pups. san diego's mayor says he's appalled. >> the people just seem to get a joy out of abusing animals. they're being hit, they're being sat upon, they're being slapped. this is unacceptable. >> he's ordered a two-month nighttime shutdown to la
, as you can see, all of the community came out to support us, you know, even other law enforcements have been trying to reach out to help us. we just want her back. that's it. >> and you want your 3-week-old to have her god mother and meet her. we hope you find the car, we hope you find her safe and sound. thank you. >> thank you. >>> be right back. >>> cpac has started. cpac, acronym for conservative political action conference. live pictures here. they are meeting this year in national harbor, maryland. here's an image you may remember. this takes you back a couple of years. this was cpac 2009, rush limbaugh. remember this speech? he fired them up. what you get at cpac, you get a lot of talk about conservative principles, lower taxes, face to the constitution, never bending to the winds of change. well, guess what, marco rubio, you know him, conservative up and comer. just about an hour ago, he talked. he told these folks, here he is, and i quote, the world has changed. that's what he said. then he said, we need to stop the bickering, his word here, bickering, about taxes and smaller g
of law enforcement community throughout america. no one wants to ride on an airplane and know that the person in the seat next to you will have a pocket knife. i hope congress will put the needed pressure to hip so he can make a change in his decision. >> i know the bill introduced already. we'll see what happens. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you so much for having me. >> the talkback question of the day. should the tsa walk back its policy on knifes. facebo facebook.com/carolcnn. or tweet me @carolcnn. we're back in a minute. looking for a litter with natural ingredients that helps neutralize odors. discover tidy cats pure nature. uniquely formulated with cedar, pine, and corn. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. let's see what you got. rv -- covered. why would you pay for
that it was the wrong move to make at the time. we made a law when there wasn't even a possibility that gay couples were allowed to marry. i'm very gratified for the progress we are making with our national leaders. i'm happy that they are standing on the right side of the street. i wish more folks would understand that you just are who you are. that's the way it is. >> judy, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you, don, for the opportunity. >> best of luck. god bless. >>> are adults today too worried about being friends with their kids instead of parents? one mom said she was just trying to help her daughter out, but in the end the police put her in jail. what happened? that is next. we have been telling you about the rape trial going on in ohio. we're going to have a live report coming up after the break. capella university understands rough economic times sto . drug and alcohol abuse is up. and those dealing with grief don't have access to the professional help they need. when you see these issues, do you want to walk away or step up? with a degree in the field of counseling or psychology
have to go back to see where the tragedy occurred. 1964 civil rights law signed by lyndon b. johnson. and he said, i have lost a generation, meaning the democ t democrats have lost trust for a generation. when you hear what he's trying to say, anyone against this idea is going to flee the democratic party and go to the republican party, and democrats have had a hard time getting through that block of the southern states and racial tension is a part of that bloc. if the republican party wants to move through into diversity, it has to acknowledge that parts part of our history. the repression by the republican party, and we're not going to allow them to be there. there was a cnn employee who had things thrown at her. had they said this attitude is not tolerated here, we would not face these people. they ignored it, and i hope they don't ignore this. >> that has to be the last word. >> no, those people got thrown out. >> we have breaking news that we have to get to. i want to show you pictures. we'll tell you more after the break. this is from south bend, indiana. a small plane crashed
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arrested by hacking groups anonymous accused law enforcement of not being aggressive enough. >> you're a football player, you get to do what you want as long as you have a winning season. >> has preferential treatment been given to these boys because they're part of the football team? >> that's not true. they're facing charges. no. >> reporter: sheriff believes some of what is being posted on-line and social media about the case is false. >> they give us a black eye. when you have people continue to put false information out there, you know, it's tough to make it go away. >> reporter: steubenville police chief bill mccafferty says despite many pleas few witnesses came forward. >> the thing i found disturbing, depending on who actually was there, why didn't somebody stop it? >> reporter: this once thriving eastern ohio steel town, now a shelf its former self, struggling economically. big red football, one of the few bright spots. today it's this alleged rape that has the town in the spotlight. poppy harlow, cnn, steubenville, ohio. >> both of the accused are being tried as juveniles.
law enforcement source says myers blew up his house in mohawk valley. here are a couple pictures from the crime scenes. we don't know the circumstances of the shooting, but schools in herkimer and mohawk are on lockdown. we'll bring you more information as we get it. >>> another major airline is joining the chorus of critics opposed to the tsa's plan to allow small knives on planes. the agency made the change to allow agents to focus on larger potential threats. but opponents say that's a bad idea. american airlines joins delta and u.s. airways in opposing the lifting of that ban. they're also joined by the flight attendants union coalition. and the coalition of airline pilot association. the knife ban was put into place after 9/11. the change takes effect april 25th. >>> it has been six months since the 9/11 attack on a u.s. embassy in libya. and u.s. ambassador christopher stevens was killed during that attack last year. just moments ago president barack obama announced that he plans to nominate deborah jones to that post. she is a scholar and resident at the middle east institute i
deadliest mass killings in history expected to have new gun law. the governor plans to sign three bills tomorrow. one will ban ammunition magazines from more than 15 rounds, another requires universal background checks and gun buyers have to pay for the background checks. this is "cnn newsroom." >>> nevada, a military training exercise ended in tragedy. marine corps says that seven marines were killed if an explosion. it happened overnight at the hawthorne army depot in western nevada, 140 miles southeast of re reno. harry reid say there's was a huge explosion. >> we don't know exactly what happened but it was a violent explosion, we know that. my thoughts are with those who are injured and, of course, families of those with lost loved ones. >> want to bring in our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. tell us, first of all, what do we know about how this even happened? >> reporter: well, suzanne, the military is saying seven marines were killed when a 60 millimeter mortar shell, already in the tube, in the weapon essentially exploded. seven marines killed, a number injured and medevac
even got into this courtroom, she was at least three times a liar to law enforcement officials about what happened at travis alexander's home, and she would change her story upon learning they knew more than she thought they knew. number two, she contends that she shot him first, and then forgets all about the rageful stabbing. the m.e. says it was more likely that he was stabbed first and then finished off with a shot. and then she reports that an old boyfriend, bobby, was reported to the police when he was mean to her, but travis, who she contends was always mean to her, never reported to the police. jose baez, i want you to step in now, because we are now asking for additional benefits of the doubt from these jurors. you had a client, casey anthony, who got a lot of benefit of the doubt from jurors. where do you see when we get to this point in the trial, it going with jurors? >> well, what i think needs to be explained throughout the course of this case is that everybody lies when confronted by the police. i would say a good majority of people who are questioned, as a suspect, by
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